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Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Look at me depressed around he happiest people in the world: writers." - Moe Sizlack

Quote of the Day

"Look at me depressed around he happiest people in the world: writers." - Moe Sizlack

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ken Hamm's Semi-Legal Site of the Week

Yes folks! It's! This site will find any MP3,
and you can right-click to download!

No Need For Limewire! Kazaa!

Or A legal service for that matter!


Monday, November 13, 2006



After picking up Seed magazine on a recent visit to Borders Bookstore, Melinda decides to visit the website, At the homepage she sees her navigation options are "Social," "Natural," "Medical,""Media," and "Links." Inspired the cultural aspects of the magazine, she clicks on "Social." Here she sees articles that says when people speak in tongues, their brainwaves change. Intrigued, she reads the article and clicks a link on brainwave patterns that takes her Medical link. She likes the way articles are interrelated, with with hypertext, instead of a huge sidebar seemingly forcing her to go there for information she may or may not want.

After looking over an article on brainwaves, she decides to go to the "Media" section to see what's offered. She finds tons of videos, podcasts, and slide shows. She downloads the podcasts
"This Week In Science," and "I can't believe this is science" for her morning commute.


Navigating, Melinda sees the underlying message of culture and science being interrelated. She finds artilces and various types of media that talk about science, culture, technology, and society as a whole. It spans the gamut from current events, to in depth research articles.


As mentioned before, Melinda finds the small, hyper-text links in the articles helpful, without being intrusive. Further, she finds the sister sites, and to be great links to read other articles, and enjoy further discussions on the topics mentioned.

Hmm... where have my blogs gone? I know I haven't made that many, but I know I
did at least do the last assignment. Oh well...